Pergola, What is it all about?

A pergola is an added extra structure that is built on a deck, in a garden or in the backyard of a home. It can be built of any size to suit the needs of the homeowner. The materials also differ, ranging from wood, metal to resin. Pergolas also serve as a focal point of attraction for landscaping design.

Pergolas can also be attached to the house to be built over a deck. Pergolas are typically meant to shade to heat of sunlight, but also let fresh air and light in. The place under a pergola can be used as a private place to read or relax, or as a lively conversation area. Some even create a TV room outdoors as an extension for living space.

Varioud designs are also possible in a pergola, with structures ranging from classical grid work that can be very intricate to very basic, open styles.