For those who are not confident of installing their own pergola using the kits, a contractor can be hired. The kit contains the various materials, plans, and guidelines to install the patio cover. When the kit has been received it is a good idea to know the rates from various contractors. When an idea is obtained, […]

Vinyl patio covers for furniture are made with double stitched seams so that they are durable and protect against the strong UV rays of the sun to keep the furniture looking new always. To withstand the strongest of winds, the buckle and strap system willsecure the cover to the furniture.  There is a positive air  flow […]

A close competitor to vinyl patio covers are the poly cover and while comparing both, vinyl is stronger and studier than poly, but also more expensive.  Although the two varieties of poly covers, such as poly white and poly silver, serve the purpose of protecting against UV rays, wind and snow, vinyl still has an […]

There are many advantages of using a vinyl patio cover. Primarily, it gives an attraction to the house and adds great value. They are easy to install and there are many do-it-yourself kits available to save money. The choice of the design and style is wide, to suit the taste of every customer. High quality […]

Patio covers are used to protect the furnishings, but to get the best of them it is essential that they are vented properly. Free flow of air is necessary to prevent damage to the furniture. If there is insufficient air flow to the patio furniture the mold and mildew build up may cause irreparable damage. […]

Furniture on the patio tends to be affected by sunlight, snow and rainwater, so therefore need to protected with covers. Vinyl patio covers also protect the furniture from harmful UV rays and damp ocean air. Vinyl is water resistant and keeps the furniture dry because it is a breathable material and does not retain moisture […]

Vinyl patio covers are easy to maintain and if maintained well they can last a lifetime. Though they cost more than their counterparts like wood or metal, vinyl is sturdier and capable of withstanding any kind of extreme weather condition. When the dirt collects in the covers, it would suffice to just clean them off. […]

Vinyl patio covers are highly suitable in homes which experience extreme weather conditions. Vinyl has the capability of keeping  the cold temprtaures off the house, leaving it warm. Interstingly, during summer season it can also keep the heat away from the home, keeping the home cool. This is a good enough reason to choose vinyl […]

Basically, vinyl is made up of PVC with a characteristic top coat that offers maximum resistance to slip. It is also stretchable and therefore does not crack and cause leakage in the patio cover. In addition, vinyl covers are easy to maintain except for cleaning of regular dirt and grime. Vinyl patio covers are treated […]

Vinyl patio covers for furniture are oftwo types, cover for each chair or table separately and a combo type for the whole set of furniture. The latter type would eventually cost less. Vinyl cover is durable and soft to touch. When vinyl covers for patio furniture are secured with Velcro straps, they can withstand heavy […]