There are many tips to choosing the right pergola design. First, the budget has to be decided and then the material to be used has to be picked. There area where the pergola is to be installed should be measured exactly. Wood is least expensive, while vinyl or aluminum will cost more. If wood is […]

A patio cover kit is purchased by most of the people to cover their patio, a project to be completed as fast as possible. The kits save time because you won’t have to think of a plan and find materials. Apart from the standard materials, they are also available in many other modern materials such […]

The advantages of using a patio cover kit are many. Primarily it saves a lot of time on finding the right materials, as they are included in the kit. There are many plans available and they can be used to install the patio cover. There are many dealers online who deal with patio cover kits, so […]

Typically a patio cover kit consists of anchors, brackets, fasteners and screws. Not to mention a complete and comprehensive manual that will properly guide you to install a patio cover yourself. Such patio cover kits offer a lifetime warranty and are available in many neutral colors such as ivory, white and beige. There are many […]

There is a unique patio cover kit that consists of insulated aluminum panels which offer far more superior insulation than any other material such as brick or hard wood. But the aluminum patio cover kits are cost effective and affordable too. There is a mold and mildew resistant core between the layers of aluminum. This […]

A covered patio allows enjoying the outdoors in any type of weather and the added advantage is that it adds more value to the house. If  the cost of the patio cover is too much, it can be lowered by utilizing patio cover kits. Though there are standard sizes in patio cover kits, there are […]

Patio kits that are made of wood are durable and sturdy, but they eventually increase the cost of the cover because it is necessary to install wood patio covers for wood patios. There are patio cover kits and for wood these are tiles, which can be installed easily. When required. they can be removed and […]

Vinyl pergola kits come with very explicit instructions and all the hardware needed for its installation. The next thing needed is the assistance of someone to hand you the pieces one by one so that you can follow the steps easily.  The pergola may consist of the support beam, rafter beam, posts and lattice tubes. […]

The pergola can be fitted for either a free standing patio as an extension of the support posts. In the former case it is necessary to cover the patio on all four sides and a patio cover kit consists of the necessary tools like a drill bit, electric jog saw; if the cover is metal […]

Before purchasing a pergola and using it, there are certain things to be accomplished. First the layout to be covered has to be measured accurately. Then the type of material, whether is is wood, metal or vinyl, has to be decided. Though all of them are resistant to weather, each type has its pros and […]