Vinyls pergola kits are the best way to produce a walkway that serves as a focal point of attention to the garden. Vinyl pergolas do not fade or discolor and will not need a lot of maintenance. It is very hard to resist the temptation of walking through a vinyl pergola that is constructed as […]

The aesthetic value of a wood pergola is incomparable as it gives a lot of beauty to the landscape. The design can be either a walkway or passage way comprising pillar, post and cross beams with lattice attached to it. When it is made up of recycled plastic such as Enviro wood it looks and […]

Different designs of wood pergolas serve different functions. An attached pergola becomes part of the home when it’s built over a deck. It creates a shaded area to sit leisurely during day or night. Free standing pergolas mainly serve as focal points for a yard, although they can also be used to place over a […]

There are many ideas to further enhance the beauty and utility of a wood pergola. The ground can be covered with colorful pebbles and you can place stepping stones in the walkway. Instead of leaving the pergola bare, allowing it to prevent sunlight, you can plant climbers on it which will add beauty and privacy. […]

Do it yourself wood pergolas are often cheaper and save thousands of dollars, as compared to installing with the help of a contractor. Is does not need carpentry expertise and if a well equipped kit is purchased a pergola can be installed within as little as three days. Youjust needs to take the correct measurements of […]

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting the right type of design for a pergola. Pergolas with straight lines, with the style of a craftsman are classic. The personal preference is influential in the choice, but the style of home and garden should be also taken into consideration. A traditional pergola […]

Considering the various uses of pergolas, they not only serve as mere aesthetic design elements, but have other uses as well. When installed properly they are a great support for climbing plants and vines. This enhances the beauty of the place. The shade it offers to the patio or walkway is pleasant and if garden benches […]

Though pergolas have a lot of functional advantages, their main drawback is the high cost that makes people think twice. But this also can be reduced to a great extent by choosing to install with vinyl pergola kits. Initially a location has to be decided, which can be a garden, deck or backyard. A walkway is also […]

There are many types of vinyl patio cover kits and pergolas, some of them are easy to follow where others are not. Though it offers a lot of satisfaction to install ones own pergola, it is essential that you are fully informed of all the minute details so that the end result is satisfactory. The […]

Of all the materials used for  wood pergolas, western red cedar is the perfect material for the following reasons: it is very durable naturally and is a type of wood that is grown sustainably. It needs no chemical treatment to keep away the pests and so is eco-friendly. It is resistant to decay naturally. It […]