It is possible to build wood pergolas with good planning. Free standing or attached to the house are two types of wood pergolas, where both have similar plans. The plan should include a list of materials and supplies needed. The plan should also comprehensively contain all the steps needed, including diagrams and illustrations. With such […]

Patio kits can either be free standing or attached by the support of a the house. A free standing pergola has the choice of many shapes; including rectangular, curved or an arc. Rectangular is cheaper, whereas curved ones a little more difficult to construct and therefore costlier. An arc shaped pergola fits nicely on a […]

It is a good idea to construct a pergola on your own if you are wanting to save money.  But there are some intricate, significant points that are more familiar with a contractor. For instance, if a pergola is constructed with wood, it is very important that the wood is treated. Untreated wood has humidity […]

Pergolas made of metal are quite popular and the choices are iron, steel or aluminum. Iron and steel have the risk of forming rust which will make them not look good in years to come. No doubt, iron and steel are strong, durable and long lasting, but if rust is formed it will spoil the […]

Although arbors and pergolas have many similarities between them, the major difference lies in their heights. While an arbor is only between six and a half feet to nine feet tall, pergolas are usually much higher. Arbor is a comparatively smaller structure, with an arched top. Whereas, pergolas have open tops and can be covered […]

It is a good idea to grow plants on top of pergolas. But it is advisable to choose the right kind of plants. Some of the flower plants attracts bees and should be avoided so that you are not forced inside by a swarm of bees. Flower plants that have thorns are also not recommended, […]

The location of vinyl pergola kits are crucial, which depends upon the purpose for which it is being built. If  you want to have a quiet time without chaos, pergolas away from the house in a remote place of the yard or garden will be better. If adding more beauty is the intention of the pergola, […]

Patio kits that are constructed attached to a portion of the house are relatively easier to build, as only three sides have to be constructed. The height of this type of pergola must be more than the height of any windows. It should be the correct height while viewing it from inside the home. In […]

While building a pergola, which is intended to add more beauty to the garden, it is essential to build it of correct size, which is neither too big or too small. A small pergola will not be enough to seat all members or guests. A large one will spoil the beauty and intimacy of the […]

Wood pergolas made of cedar have a lot of advantages. Natural cedar is a good insect repellent and keeps them away for a long time. Therefore, there is no need to paint them with insect resistant material. Since cedar is a good wood, they give a more natural look to the pergolas. Cedar woods do […]