Aluminum patio cover kits, although a little expensive that other materials, has an edge.  Aluminum is light weight, easy to install, durable, won’t rust and gives a neat and glossy look. It does not need repainting or varnishing, as other wood materials would. It is almost maintenance free and a simple cleaning with a garden […]

The greatest deterrent to building good pergolas are the high costs. The cost of building a pergola can be greatly reduced to a great extent by following a few simple tips. The size and purpose of building the pergola must  be considered first, then buy a plan witha list of materials needed to build the […]

Stand alone vinyl pergola kits are unique and gives a beautiful appearance, though it is a little difficult to construct than an attached pergola. This type needs a safe and secure foundation and to achieve this, four holes will need to be dug and posts fixed into the ground. The only risk is damaging any utilities, […]

The easiest way of building vinyl pergola kits is by attaching it to the side of the house or any other solid structure or garage. The idea is to give more support and stability to the pergola. This, in effect, reduces the number of materials required and less time to construct a pergola, as compared […]

Patio kits can be designed in a number of ways, based on the requirements of the owner. If providing shade is the primary aim, then it has to be covered with a canvas to stretch over the top of the pergola. Smaller wood pergolas are very common in gardens and yard landscapes. They also help […]

Patio kits serve the great purpose of socializing with people. An informal meet can be arranged with patio furniture, outdoor bean bags, hammocks, cushions and hanging chairs. Placing a bath tub under a pergola gives an element of surprise and pleasure. The evenings can be lightened up with candles and lights. Barbecues and dining furniture are […]

The purpose of building patio kits in the garden can also be to create a pleasant surprise for those visiting your home for the first time.  The patio kit has the capability of raising the spirits, taking the vision from one place to another, such as from a plant to a pond or statue or so […]

Pergolas made of wood are the most cost-effective of all types of materials, though they are not as long lasting as vinyl or metal. The advantage of wood is that it gives a more natural appearance to pergolas and also can be stained or painted for a completely new look. The downsides of wood pergolas […]

There are certain trivial things to remember when installing patio cover kits. The direction of wind and sun should be noted, and the pergola built accordingly. It can either be close to the house or a little away to be more hassle free. While growing climbers of a pergola, choose a variety that does not […]

Western red cedar is the best to be used as a base material because it is naturally resistant to rotting and acts as a natural insect repellent. The looks of western red cedar is also gorgeous, so it is not only a suitable but also beautiful material for wood pergolas. An old growth of cedar is […]